Services Anglophones

Services Anglophones

English Speaking Services 

Have you just moved to France ? Are you looking to start a new business here? Or maybe you just need some help filling in your French annual tax return. Moving abroad is never a simple thing, especially when we can't speak or understand the local language. 

Here at Figecal, we are one of the rare accounting firms in the West of France that have an English speaking team put together exclusively for Brits seeking advice and assistance in France. Invaluable experience, great knowledge of the English and French system, availability and most of all easy communication. Our English speaking team and the services it offers are there to make your life a lot more easier. 

Accounting, Payroll, Tax & Legal Matters ... 
Our English speaking team provides all these services that are essential when running a business. If you have a business that requires a service such as bookkeeping, annual accounts preparation, payslip preparation, TVA returns, etc. then we can assist you in all these matters. 

Business Start-up ... 
Starting a business abroad is a brave thing to do and sometimes you can get lost in the paperwork and the planning that needs to be done. We offer a service that can assist you during the creation of your new business. From the registering of your new business to the drawing up of the business plan, our team is there to help and advise you so that your business gets off to a perfect start on stable foundations. 

Tax Residence or Non-Residence ... 
Am I a French tax resident? Is my French income taxed in France or in England? Can I improve my taxation ? These are some questions that we are frequently asked. And with the everchanging tax laws, sometimes it isn't easy to know where to stand. We offer expert advice to our clients, keeping them up to date with tax law and above all preserving or improving their personal tax situation. 

Income Tax ... 
The annual tax return is rarely something that people enjoy doing. Having moved to France, Brits can sometimes have foreign income and must determine their tax residence situation making the task that little bit more complicated. Our English speaking service is there to help you with these matters, we will keep you informed of tax issues or opportunities to be seized and we can even complete your French income tax return and take care of the other formalities for you.
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