About Us 
Figecal is a two Partner firm supported by a team of just over 50 professionnals, all specialists in different domains (accounting, auditing, tax & legal matters, ...). 
At Figecal you will not only find a team with years of experience that masters its different fields. You will also find a team that shares the same values and the same vision. 

Our Vision 

A Friendly Firm ...
Our 50 professionnals are spread across six different offices. This allows us to offer small firm customer care to all of our clients. We believe this to be essential for their development and growth. Our clients are followed closely by their team that is always available and quick to answer their questions. 

Great Listeners ...
We take the time the time to listen to and understand the needs of our client and their business. Only then do we work together towards filling this need. This means we adapt ourselves to our clients personal situtation. Whether it be advice on the creation of a new business, bookkeeping, tax planning,... We can always offer the best adapted service and solution to our clients. 

Top Quality Expertise ... 
Figecal has existed for over 40 years now in the West of France. This is thanks to the trust we gain by the constant high standards we set for ourselves. We have never lost sight of the importance of the quality of our work and we have never stopped trying to do better. Today, our experience gives us great knowledge of the local economy allowing us to give quality advice to our clients. 

Our Clients, Our Priority ... 
Our clients matter to us. We respect them and we understand how important their trust is. Having an experienced team, that truely knows you, your business and your objectives is key to this trust. Our clients are followed regularly by one specific team that knows them and centers their focus around them. We believe this allows for a successful relationship which ensures stability and effectiveness for our client.

Our Priority is your Success !